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The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation can provide you with more information about the clinical research process. This non-profit seeks to raise public awareness about how clinical research works, its importance, and the crucial role that volunteers have in furthering medical science. is run by the National Institutes of Health and provides a database of clinical studies both in the United States and around the world.

The American Diabetes Association invests in diabetes research, in an effort to promote advances in care and treatment. The organization also provides important information for anyone interested in learning more about treating or recognizing signs of diabetes.
The American Heart Association provides crucial information on common heart ailments and funds efforts to continue combating these conditions.
The American Lung Association promotes education about lung health, funds lung disease research, and provides important services for those suffering from pulmonary conditions.

The American Pain Society is dedicated to raising awareness of pain conditions and seeks to pursue public policy to provide effective pain management.

Quit Smoking Community is a great resource for those struggling with tobacco use. This online community provides tips and support for anyone attempting to quit smoking.

This resource from the National Cancer Institute provides important information on the use of tobacco and its contribution to health problems and cancer.